Monday, January 3

Crunchy Commute

I didn't see a single other cyclist this morning. No hint of one either.

However, along the unplowed section of the Clear Creek Trail (I guess Wheat Ridge isn't concerned with connectivity) there were bike tire ruts and once I got to NREL I saw a lone set of tire tracks onto the dirt path at Isabell. All the ruts were obviously from yesterday at least. They were all frozen solid.

My street was treacherous. I hasn't been plowed at all, and the thawing yesterday combined with temps in the teens overnight created patches of ice seamlessly integrated into the snowpack. Ridge and Independence were better and Tabor was clean until it turned to an alley. I was certain the CCT would be snowy and rutted, but surprisingly it was in better shape than the roads I had ridden on to get to it.

And then maintenance apparently stops east of I-70 and picks up again on the west side because as I passed West Lake I could see where the plow had veered off and left a long section of trail unplowed. What's up with that Wheat Ridge?!

Anyway, the streets through Applewood were back to packed snow, but there wasn't the same issue with ice as in my neighborhood. The ride went pretty smoothly from that point. Well, until I got into Denver West. Denver West is Lakewood's jurisdiction. Thanks Lakewood, thanks a lot.

The left lane was tire paths. The right lane was a ridge of crunchy, unconsolidated ruts and cast off from the left lane. I don’t think it had been plowed at all, and if it had been plowed they did a bang up job, I tell ya!

I rode the Cannonball today because I'm fairly certain that since the afternoon temps are going to be a few degrees above freezing that the roads are going to be sloppy. That was one pro to riding in this morning. Since everything was frozen it was also therefore dry. The Cannonball rests comfortably in my cube instead of chained to the cold bike rack out front. He's gonna need a bath after the ride home.

Before now there have been so many days I chose to go by car when the weather was like this. I should have ridden.

Here are a couple of images from the March '09 blizzard in Denver. They let us out of work early, I drove home and then walked downtown from our apartment in Wash Park.

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  1. I rode in one day last year that was all slushy and by the time I got to work my gears were all frozen and my chain wouldn't stay on at all.

    While cold, at least it was dry this morning for me.

    Hope your ride home goes better!