Monday, January 31

Discretion and Valor

I bummed a ride in an automobile this morning.

I went out to see what the "freezing rain turning to snow" thing they were blabbering about on TV was all about. I almost fell flat on my face one step from the door.

I went back in the house immediately and said in a clear, loud voice, my head held high:

"I ain't ridin' my bike today!"

It worked out okay, but I've ended up at work an hour early without my bike, and there is supposed to be inches of snow on top of the layer of ice by quitting time.

My lovely chauffeur is going to have to get both kids out in the mess to come get me or I'm going to have to con a co-worker into taking responsibility for my car-hating carcass. I think I can get a ride home.

Sometimes you just have to call it on account of freezing rain...

In the mean time, check out the latest Bike Arvada post, which is essentially a repost from a Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition article which was a repost from a Team Estrogen forum thread.

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