Thursday, January 27

Hang My Head in Shame

The new section of MUP ("Shared Use" on the City of Golden website) is not called the "Highway 93 Trail" but instead it is the "Highway 6 Trail." S'UP?

The confusion (and lack of adequate research) is mine. I will make amends by NOT going back and changing every instance in the past few weeks where I referenced "The 93."

Going forth I will henceforth forthwith call it The Six.

Highway 93 spans 18.8 miles between Boulder and Golden, on the south end ceasing to exist at it's junction with State Highway 58 and US 6 (Clear Creek Canyon). US 6 turns south and melds into 6th Avenue just outside my non-existent window.

See, this bothers me because I am, by nature (and not so much by education) a Geographer. I take pride in knowing the names of locations and locations of things with names. I should have known!

Anyway, tonight I will transverse The Six...or do you think because of its inherent brevity it should be THE SIX...and make for Arvada.

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