Tuesday, January 4

Laser Guided Cannonball

Recently I got a Niterider MiNewt 250 LED headlight for my bike. It wasn't quite a Red Rider BB gun, but it's wa-ay more powerful. The light, or The Laser as I like to call it, is a fantastic "to see" light. "The Laser" as in the laser the geeks built in the '80s classic Real Genius…if you've seen the movie you'll understand why I recommend welding goggles before turning the Niterider MiNewt 250 on.

Prior to shackling it to the front of the Cannonball I had never felt comfortable riding in total darkness. Even with streetlights I truly never felt confident on the bike in the dark.

Well, all that's changed. Having The Laser on the front of my bike is like carrying a little bit of the sun with me. Not too long ago I made a trip from our home in Arvada to downtown Denver just as the sun was setting. I made the entire ride there and back, including a portion through Crown Hill Park on dirt trails, and never once felt as if it was too dark to be riding.

My morning commutes since I got The Laser have started in darkness and have slowly lightened as I made my way southwest. Typically after my halfway point I switch the light from solid beam (Extra Crispy) to strobe (Disco on Steroids). I have found that the strobe seems to startle motorists. If they even halfway glance in my direction they stop immediately until they ascertain that the light is of this world before carefully gunning out in front of me. Sometimes they actually let me pass first. The really nice thing is that the light (Laser) is so powerful that the reflected strobe on road signs is very hard to miss (essentially turning all road signs in front of me into strobes), and motorists (and the occasional passing aircraft) now stop and snap a look left after first only looking right as they roll through stop signs.

I have noticed a significant difference in my own visibility since attaching The Laser to my bike. I am pleased with the light it casts for me to see as well.

In short, the Niterider MiNewt 250 is an amazing law enforcement tool. Wait, no, that's Special Executive Order 768 dash 4. The Niterider MiNewt 250 is an amazing source of light for those afflicted by darkness while going upon two wheels.

The only thing I wish is that I had two, so I could mount one on my bike and one on the nifty helmet mount that comes with it so I could vaporize motorists with a glance. But I'm not made of money.

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