Tuesday, January 25


I spoke of a hypothetical situation in my previous post: that I could ride all but 2.2 miles of my commute completely on bike paths. I say hypothetical because before this morning I had never described that exact path in one complete commute.

I typically take some shortcuts here and there that involve short stretches of road, especially in Golden. And until recently I had not ridden the new part of the highway 93 path at all.

This morning I decided to put the rubber to the road, so to speak, and I rode down to the CCT and then made a sharp right hand turn, where-whence I commenced to ride almost to the western terminus of said CCT. Forthwith I made another hard turn, though leftward at this point and headed south, directly into the blazing sun and upward, upward, climbing the steeply new (or newly steep, or steep and new, or new though steep) highway 93 path and then followed it all the way to work.

Y'know, my stress level was pretty low in a comparative sense. It was a nice (if time consuming) ride. It only took me an hour and a half. But by sticking to the bike paths wherever possible you incur a lot more climbing around Golden. It's an okay trade: more climbing for less stress.

As I crawled up the steepest portion of the…geez, I'm already tired of calling it 'the highway 93 path' repeatedly. How about The 93? Good…as I crawled up the steepest portion of The 93 I couldn't help but let my gaze fall to the west upon the eastern slopes of Mount Zion and the thin ribbon of Lookout Mountain Road zig-zagging across the tilted prairie up there.

It's been too long. I'm in need of a Lookout Mountain - Mount Vernon Canyon loop ride in the near future.

Here is the CCT - 93 connection:

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