Friday, January 21

Plans Within Plans and Planners

We're going to do a lot with our tax return this year. Pay for college for two kids, add on to the house, get Lasik for us four-eyes in the family, get a big screen TV, but a new belt drive touring bike, take a vacation, buy world peace, buy happiness, get a subscription to Hummers Weekly, and hopefully, if there's enough left over and our bills are paid: buy an Xtracycle kit and (FINGERS CROSSED!!!) a Kona Ute for Mandy.

Got the ole W-2 today and it's weird, it shows I make far less than I thought I did. Poverty! (I'm crying it)

But between the mortgage we don’t want and the mortgage we don’t want hopefully we'll get a big tax break (since we really don’t get much other relief or compensation) and we can pay some bills and upgrade our transportation situation to two long bikes.

My pipe dream is that some day we can go completely carless. I think we can do it. But at the moment it would be difficult, and only possible under extreme duress. But as it is, we really can’t afford to replace Gump, our 250,000+ mile Forester, with another car, so our best option is to replace Gump forthwith with a vehicle we can maintain and repair at a much reduced price.

In fact, the more we bike and avoid using Gump, the longer he's gonna last us anyway. I guess that is one good impetus for going carless, but still owning a car. The car will last a whole heckuva lot longer, and it will always look like someone's home.

Something I've realized is that our storage situation may become critical if we end up with two long bikes. As it is, we don’t have storage for one. It's not that we have a ton of crap, we just don’t have a lot of room.

So I have been planning in my head (I am a planner after all) an enclosed addition to our carport. I think I could do it relatively cheaply and add what is basically a garage for two long bikes and accessories. Shouldn't cost too much, and since I'm in permit review the permitting process should be on par for brain damage.

One a side note, and a word of warning: if you want to sleep at night, and be motivated to go about your daily business, DO NOT read any Kunstler, Ruppert or Simmons. Stay away from anything that describes Peak Oil and its aftermath, and for crying out loud, don't read Cormac McCarthy's The Road. Don't watch A Crude Awakening, The Future of Food, Collapse or any other documentaries that outline the impending doom we have built up for ourselves with our happy-go-lucky Global Economy.

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