Friday, January 21

Ramming Speed Friday

In the no-man's land (mainly occupied by women joggers with their dogs) between Coors and I-70 along the CCT my knobby tires sang to me as they whined along on the smooth saw-cut concrete of the trail surface.

Howling east, with a mean western tailwind, I cranked solidly as the light seeped from the sky. I glided through turns, full of faith that all the snow and ice was gone. Or at least hoping The Laser would burn it off ahead of me.

I was not on the Cannonball. I was not on a rocket. I was astride the OBS. Ah, the Orange Blossom Special! My "slow" bike.

I think I've finally got it adjusted perfectly for me, and I finally got a good dry day to open 'er up. Who am I kidding? Today wasn't my first opportunity to pound on the OBS, but for some reason today was the first day it seemed like it responded with real speed.

I had been worried that my intention of riding it in the 2012 Leadville 100 was folly, that it's sloth would prohibit me from obtaining a glorious belt buckle. The ride home tonight gave me hope.

In unrelated advocacy news, there is a remote possibility...nah, not going to give up this secret just yet.

Anyway, hope you get out and ride this weekend wherever you are. I think I probably will.

Please read the proposed (by Rep. Andy Kerr (D) a fellow Cub Scout dad) Colorado Open Roads Act.

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