Monday, January 24

Summits Galore

I'd love to be able to go to the National Bike Summit in D.C. in March. As it is, I may have the opportunity to attend one day of the Colorado Bike Summit in February. It's in Denver, and I'd be able to ride my bike to it.

I'd love to go to both days, but money is tight. If the tax man would bring us the bags of money we're expecting I could swing it, but there's no way that's going to happen in time.

So I'll either get to go one day or I won't. If I don't I will most definitely plan on going next year and figure that into the transportation budget for Team FPE.

Lately I've been avoiding the roads more often than not, and my blogging fodder has started to dry up. I need some bike vs. car action to get the keys a-tappin'!

Okay, not really...

It's been nice to have low-stress commutes. I really can't complain. And now that Golden has completed the highway 93 MUP from 19th down to Clear Creek I am fortunate enough to be able to ride off-street for the majority of my commute if I so desire. By sticking solely to the paths when I have the chance I am taking a longer route (by about 3 miles) but my heart rate only gets up when I start climbing from Clear Creek wa-ay up to 19th.

That route is just shy of 13 miles with only 2.2 miles on street. About 3/4 of a mile of the on street sections is very low traffic as well. I have to get from our house down to the CCT, which is about 1.5 miles, and then the CCT takes me all the way to the hwy 93 MUP which goes all the way to work. There's a section of the CCT that utilizes 2-3 blocks of street to connect sections of trail.

I can vary my route enough that I never really get bored. Since I discovered the new hwy 93 section I've only ridden it twice. It's usually more expedient to cut through the School of Mines campus on Illinois, but this morning I decided to take the MUP. I pedaled along the CCT past the Golden City offices and then the RV park. With the famous Clear Creek on my left and the RV park on the right I felt like I was recreating instead of commuting.

It was slightly disappointing to pass gargantuan RVs with full sized Hummers parked next to them. Seems like there was a day when the RVers pulled small compact cars behind their motor homes to runabout town. But these days they must figure they need some serious firepower to defend the oil reserves required to keep their behemoths guzzling.

Oh well...

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