Tuesday, January 4

The Speed of Sounds

So I got the Cannonball up to ramming speed again this evening on my way home. I used the big chainring for the first time in three days. The past four commutes the pucker factor has been cranked up to 11.

The roads and paths have finally started to dry out somewhat, though there are some scary patches of ice still hiding out there. But after the Luge Incident of '09 my confidence in surviving Catastrophic Vertical Failure Due to Radical Traction Loss is better than average.

I averted icy destruction henceforth and truly only had one close call along Clear Creek in Golden.

The ride went pretty smoothly. I didn't see any other bikes. About three miles from home I heard a nasty squeal between my rear fender and the tire. When I got home I discovered that the front mounting bracket on my Streamliner rack had broken at the bolt and the weight of the panniers was pushing the rack back onto the fender. Ack!

I just emailed Axiom to see what they are willing to do. For the time being I guess I need to drill a new hole and hope it holds up for a few days.

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