Thursday, January 27

There Are Nice Jersey Guys

I had the brief opportunity to chat with another cyclist this morning in Golden, while waiting for the light at 10th Ave and Ford Street. He was already at the light, paused in the left turn lane when I pulled up. He was an older gentleman, a Jersey Guy, but amiable enough.

"How are you this fine morning?" He called cheerfully.

"Great! How about yourself?"

He agreed he was doing well.

"It's a good day to be out and about," I added.

He agreed, and then added: "Tomorrow is going to be even better."

Then he nodded, indicating Mount Zion ahead of us to the west. "I guess I'm going to ride up that mountain."

"I wish I could," I pined, "I've got a schedule to keep."

"We-ell, I don’t have that problem." He grinned awfully big behind his gray beard.

"I've been thinking about leaving early tomorrow and ride up there myself," pointing in the direction of Mount Zion, "take advantage of the good weather."

"You should!" He encouraged.

Then the light changed and we bade each other a good day and pedaled down two different roads. It was interesting, because I rarely get a change to talk to other cyclists on my commutes. I see many, especially when the weather is good, but rarely do I exchange more than a "Hey!" and a slight wave.

Carried the camera along this morning to capture some of the aspects of the new alternative component of my commute, The 93. Might also shed some light on The Elk Incident from last night.

Does this look dangerous to you?

The Amiable Jersey Guy with Mt Zion beyond

Elephant graveyard or Golden RV Park?

I think I threw up a little in my mouth...

The (New) 93, apparently you're supposed to ride backward up the hill. Whatever...

In case 300' of steep climbing wasn't enough

The scene of the Elk Incident last night

Just for fun...blegh!

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