Monday, January 10

(W)CHC Day #1 - Morning Commute

Tainted. But not a complete loss.

I struck out this morning for work on the OBS. I skidded down Garrison to Anderson Park. I crossed the park on the auto tire tracked drive and stopped cold (no pun intended) on the south side of the back parking lot. The snow beyond was deep and unplowed. I couldn’t see the CCT but I assumed (had been continually assuming) that it was plowed.

I walked the bike from the parking lot to where the CCT was supposed to be. No bike path, only a single set of footprints arcing off through a tunnel of snowy, bony limbs.

It was a perfect opportunity for photos of the cold black waters of the creek. A quick internal debate led me to the conclusion that I wouldn't easily be able to make it to work, but I’d give it a go. I went ahead and texted my coworkers saying I was going to try to come on in, but if they didn't see me to assume I had given up and gone home.

Before continuing I took a couple more photos, and then my phone rang. It was my boss.

"Where are you?"

"Anderson Park," I replied.

"I'll come get you."



I meandered back out to the front parking lot and waited. While waiting I noticed an odd sight at the intersection at the entrance to Anderson, an RTD bus had an Audi pinned to the curb. Oops!

Soon my boss arrived and we put the OBS in the back of his Suburban (Less-than-urban) and a few short minutes later (9am on the dot) we reached work.

I'm not counting this as a non-riding commute. A) I carpooled. B) I had given up on the commute and was preparing to head home and got the ride offer (which I couldn’t really refuse).

My only recourse would have been to not answer the phone. I have a feeling he would have kept calling me. Everyone else made it in despite the roads. Of course the main topic of conversation in our weekly meeting was the commute in…but y'know.

My initial observations are 1) It is difficult to ride on unplowed, but already traveled streets. 2) Riding in fresh snow is easier than riding in tire tracks. 3) It doesn’t take much snow before the effort it takes to continue riding becomes prohibitive. 4) Single digit temps are not so bad.

I showered at home and was not terribly sweaty when I finally stopped. I had been exerting myself wallowing in the snow, so I did start to get warm. Hauling the daypack instead of using the panniers was no big deal. I had to limit the things I brought today because the weight would have been oppressive if I had just shoved in everything I wanted.

More to come on the evening commute...

Seemed apt

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