Tuesday, January 11

(W)CHC Day #2 - Evening Commute

I made it to work this morning and back home tonight under my own power. I spent about three and a half hours riding today, though I only managed about 25 miles total. That's not terrible really. I definitely made up some time on the way home.

I was ecstatic to find the CCT plowed at Independence Court. I didn't have to plow it myself. The ride home felt colder, though I think the temperature was a few degrees warmer. Trail and street conditions were comparable to the morning ride with the exception of a clear CCT between Independence and Anderson Park.

I think this week was not a good one to start this "challenge." It would have been a challenging week to ride without self-imposed hardships. And there are deeper issues going on with me that are causing me to have a sour mood about the whole affair. More on that to come...

I'm going to push on and finish the week abiding by the rules of the challenge. I really don't see any benefit to postponing it.

I did realize I hadn't established my criteria for success or failure. It's not really too late, but I don't want to compromise the challenge with preconceived notions.

So here goes:

The reason behind the challenge is my desire for first hand knowledge on the trials of a person contemplating and attempting to be a bicycle commuter without the benefits of the luxuries I am fortunate enough to have access to.

So success will be hard to quantify, but essentially, if I gain some insight, some experience beyond my normal and routine commuting experiences, if I can see the other side with some clarity the challenge will be a success. By the end of the weekend I will post my final observations and results. I'll summarize each day and how I met my goals/rules and how I did not. I'll compare my normal commuting style with my "limited" commutes of this week. I'll examine what it takes to overcome common obstacles to commuting that a new commuter will face.

Success will be if I can finish the week meeting my goals and be able to express my thoughts on what I experienced.

Locked up in the back stairwell

After the ride home

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