Wednesday, January 12

(W)CHC Day #3 - Evening Commute

It was 29°F when I left Golden tonight. The sun was down and the light was fading from the sky. I went back to my old commute route through Applewood. Denver West Parkway was a little hairy, but otherwise the ride was pretty straightforward.

I'm starting to get dangerous riding on the snow and ice. While I'm not back to my usual commute times I'm making the trips much faster. This morning I climbed up to Golden in an hour and a half when on a good dry day I could have made it in an hour and ten minutes or so. Tonight I got home in about 55 minutes over terrain that would normally take about 40 to traverse.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to fail to meet the goal of riding new routes this week. With the roads and paths in the condition they're in I just can't justify striking out into unknown territory. I took a risk just riding through Applewood tonight instead of sticking to the CCT which I've been riding all week.

I debated as I rode tonight if I would ride the Cannonball tomorrow. I don't think I will, though I plan on riding it on Friday for sure.

Looking back at my goals I have complete confidence I will meet 1,2,3 and 5. 6 has been compromised by the cluster of errors that was Monday morning. And like I said, I just don't know about 4. I might change my mind tomorrow. I still have four commutes out of which to pick three to ride new routes.

Two more days...

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