Thursday, January 13

(W)CHC Day #4 - Evening Commute

One reader emailed and asked about the corrosive effects of auto-dependency on the US…wait, no. One reader emailed and mentioned the corrosive effects of salts and chemicals used to treat icy roads and their effects upon bikes and their components (Hi Tom!). I was actually contemplating that very subject in my mind this morning as I rode in.

Its been far to cold too turn on the hose this week, until today actually, and I do plan on giving the OBS a good dousing either tonight or tomorrow night. If you plan on washing your own bike take special care around your bottom bracket (the part of the frame where the cranks attach) and don’t get water inside that area. Most especially DO NOT use high pressure sprayers around your bottom bracket. In fact, its best not to use a high pressure sprayer at all, but if you do just be really careful around the bottom bracket and other bearing components. Its best if you keep water out of any vacant spaces on the bike.

I'll probably take my chain off and give it a good going over and then clean the bike up good. The reality is in winter its hard to keep a bike that your ride every day free from road treatments, but if you can give the bike a good going over once a week it'll help you get through the winter on a single bike, instead of having to replace the poor beast when it crumbles out from under you.

I think I'll be riding the Cannonball tomorrow, so I'm sure I'll end up having to go over both bikes, though if its dry enough I might get away without having to cleanup my regular commuter bike just yet.

It was good and wet on the ride home tonight by the way. Snow is mostly gone from travel surfaces, but a lot of slush and puddles remain. Fenders tomorrow for sure.

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  1. I tried one once (don't think it was ParkTool) and it just seemed to make a bigger mess. Maybe the one I had was really cheap.