Thursday, January 13

(W)CHC Day #4 - Morning Commute

I remember when 42° felt cold. This morning it felt warm. It was 30° when I woke up and by the time I passed Steve Casey's Recreational Vehicles it was the aforementioned 42°. I stopped in the shadow of Mr. Casey's sign and stripped off my wool shirt and lashed it to my pack. I was really comfortable the rest of the ride in. I was also able to go back to just my light hiking boots and my fleece gloves. It was nice to not be so bulky on the bike.

I was torn on which bike to ride. There is still enough ice and snow that I wanted the knobby tires of the mountain bike, but I knew the slush and water on the roads and paths would be a big mess all over me without the fenders of the Cannonball. I managed to make it in on the MTB without getting covered in road grime, but I don’t think I'll be able to make it home smelling like roses.

I'm glad the challenge is almost over. Not sure what possessed me to impose added troubles and trials to my rides…I was looking for something new to write about when I came up with the idea. Well, the weather alone this week was enough to write about and if I hadn't imposed the silly challenge on myself I could have begged rides from co-workers with a clean conscious. Oh well…

Maybe the challenge was a good thing. It (for the most part) kept me honest this week, of all weeks, when I needed the extra boost to motivate myself to ride. I know I can ride in really bad weather and in really cold temps now, and I think I know when to call it and catch a ride. I don't think I could make that decision with confidence before Monday and Tuesday.

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