Friday, January 14

(W)CHC Day #5 - Final Evening Commute

From now on Fridays are going to be Ramming Speed Fridays. I flew home this evening.

So the challenge is over. I survived the whole week. Hallelujah!

Roads and trails are in much better shape now and should improve over the long weekend. By Tuesday morning it should be almost back to normal. I'm thinking of doing some sort of ride, either a solo early in the morning or a family ride or three.

The biggest benefit to having challenged myself this week is that I was compelled to ride on days I may have faltered otherwise. I gave up Monday when I was bogged down in snow, but Tuesday I went our and slogged it out with the cold white stuff and overcame the worst commute I've ever faced.

I'm confident in dressing for cold weather now, and I feel much more comfortable riding on snow and ice.

For now I'll sign off the 2011 (Winter) Commuter Hardship Challenge and rest my buzzing brain.

Have a great holiday weekend!

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