Tuesday, February 1

2011 Driving Day #1


The windchill is -9.8°F

So it's so cold that the wind makes it feel warmer?

My family has a snow day. There is a sheet of ice under the covering of snow we have and the high today is forecasted in the negative single digits. Alas, I do not have a snow day today!

I absolutely hate to say it, but I'm driving Forester Gump to work today. I have to work until 5:30, so my ride home (if I were to ride, sniffle!) would be after dark over ice and snow with dangerously low temperatures.

If I had a fighting chance with studded tires I'd do it. The cold really isn't the issue. I have the appropriate clothing, I just don't have grippy tires.

Oh well...


The drive was painless. Getting the car started was not fun. I was already running late and Gump wouldn't kick over. Since we only have one car there is no other car to jump Gump.. A glance up and down my block revealed most of my neighbors are better prepared for the cold and were obviously not running late like I was. Gone. The street was desolate.

I almost, almost rode. I was thinking: The bike never has a problem starting. But then the car turned away we went.

It was strange, because last night even after I knew my family would be staying home today I was trying to arrange a ride to and from work with a co-worker. Then when I got home I realized I would have access to the car. Duh!

It was odd to be in the car, all alone. I didn't think it would feel so odd. Hopefully next time this happens I will have forgetten this particular time. I'm thinking instead of "2011 Driving Day #2" you might see "2017 Driving Day #1" next.


  1. It's ok. I think most of us across the country are driving today. Studded tires rock on ice, but they can't handle feet of snow. We're getting the ice in a few hours and I'm hoping the snow will get cleared by then. Hopefully tomorrow will be better for all of us.

  2. I've got an extra MTB tire and a wheel that needs some love (got a ding in the rim and no cassette). I think I'm going to make a spare "ice wheel". If I had that I could totally go by bike on a day like today. The cold really isn't the issue.

    It does make me feel better to know most others are driving. But I got bummed when I saw that BikeDenver had posted to FB that if you posted a photo of yourself riding today with a thermometer you could win a membership I realized there are still going to be people riding. :(

    When the car didn't want to start the gears started turning in my head..."Well, if I go really slow...I could ride!" And then the car started.