Tuesday, February 22

Enough With Tuesday Already!

Yeah, it's another three post day. I'm not like other bloggers who can just be satisfied with one post on multiple topics, or one who can just shut up and say enough is enough.

Today has not been the best day. Full moon lag effect, I predicted it! I said it first! I told a co-worker last Friday, "You know they'll come in here in droves on Tuesday because they can’t get to us during the actual full moon."

I was right. Crazies on the left of me and crazies on the right. I argued with one guy twice, and gladly went and got my supervisor at his request. I wasn't nice to him after his not-so-subtle slams and after he accused me of being on a power trip. For those of you that don’t know me beyond this blog, while I perceive you all as my minions I don’t really have any aspirations of power and I almost never use my position to elicit any kind of joy. I'm not going to say it never happens, but typically I really, really don’t care enough about the situation to act vindictively when someone is being cranky. Today was one of the rare occasions when I make exception.

Mr. Surly Mouth spent quite a bit of time in our lobby, or as some would call it "waiting" room. He made good use of his space while I did "research."

And there were others, all of whom have paled in memory after Mr. Surly Mouth.

How is this a Pavement's Edge issue? You could ask me that, Dear Reader, but I'm going to go with the flow today and clam up. I don’t have to justify my argument, I just have to beat you over the head with it.

Anyway, having a bad day makes me dream of getting on my bike, turning it toward the sunset and pedaling away. Away.

Summer can’t come soon enough. We are going to express our cycling freedom on the open roads. I have some schemes and plans. I am giddy of mind at the prospects of trammeling the light fantastic over prairie and foothill. I will climb many glorious feet into the bluebird skies to escape beyond treeline and the edge of civilization.

I look back on my life and I wish I had fully realized the opportunities I had when I was younger. I wasn't a "cyclist" in the strictest sense. I had a bike, I occasionally rode the bike, but I didn’t use it fully and completely in the best way I could have.

I keep myself sane by planning the Grand Adventure in my head, and in planning a series of Lesser Adventures along the way. One of these days…

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  1. Agree, summer cannot come soon enough. Warm dry sunny,no need to check the weather. Mountain Bike looks like it has been sprayed with concrete from riding on the Forest Service Roads. Looking forward to sucking a little dust down.