Thursday, February 17

Flopping Like a Fish

I'm going to do a more in depth write up later, but for now the bullet points:

There were three that testified for the bill, myself, Chris Satriano of Midnight Sun Inc. (makers of a bike safety light) and Dan Grunig Executive Director of Bicycle Colorado. Of course Andy (Kerr) was presenting the bill and he spoke as well.

HB 1092 (the Open Roads Act) was motioned to move back to the floor of the House with favorable recommendation and that vote failed, but a close vote.

Then it was motioned to move the bill to another committee. I forget exactly which one. That motion failed.

Then it was motioned to table the bill indefinitely. That motion failed.

The bill is in limbo. From what I understand the Chairman of the Committee can bring the bill back to vote again, but he voted against the bill initially. There was one committee member that was absent who was reported to support the bill and his vote would have made a difference. The likelihood of the bill coming back for another vote is slim, but still possible. It's kinda like a fish out of water. If someone throws it back in it can swim again, but otherwise it will eventually die.

More to come...

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  1. Though my feeling is that it's less of a bike issue and more of a local rule issues. That was the main concern expressed. They asked good questions and didn't seem to be hostile to the idea of the bill, except that it took the choice away from local municipalities. One guy, who claimed to have commuted by bike daily for seven years, felt it was a safety issue and best left up to the localities.