Monday, February 7

Holing Up

It's hard to think about anything meaningful to write when you don't feel good. I opted to bum a ride this morning and found a ride home once I got to work. I'm at the mercy of motorists this week. Hopefully I'll get it together by Wednesday, but by then the weather may be prohibitive.

The weekend wouldn’t have been great for riding even if I had felt okay. Saturday was passable, but my energy levels were quickly siphoning away into the ether. Sunday I was useless. Riding would have been out of the question. I would loved to have broken out the cross country skis though…

Tomorrow's up in the air. I think I made a poor decision to go in to work today. I've wrestled all morning with the prospect of going home when Mandy picks the Bean up. I've finally decided to stick it out for the rest of today. I have a feeling tomorrow will be a sick day after all.

The Colorado Bike Summit is today and tomorrow. Bob, of ACT, had offered to let me go one day on his dime, but even if I felt like it tomorrow the snow is supposed to come back to whoop up on us again and I don’t think I'm going to feel like slogging it over to Denver on my bike. I'm going to shoot for next year, make it a plan and goal to attend the whole bike summit, both days. By this time next year Bike Arvada should have a much more prominent presence and purpose. It will make sense for me to make an appearance.

Unless the fog clears from my brain you may not hear too much for me for a few days. Don’t be alarmed, I've not headed for the survival cabin in the hills just yet. I'm giving my legs and my brain a much needed rest.

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