Saturday, February 12

Longtail Dreaming

I took my birthday girl to Salvagetti's today. I'd love to say that for her birthday I bought her the Kona Ute. I wanted her to see it up close and personal and I think it scared her.

We looked at the 18" and to her it seemed a bit overwhelming. Of course when the weather gets a bit better we'll go back and she can take a test ride. Scott assured her that if she didn't like the Ute they could come up with a donor bike and Xtracycle kit that would be comparable that she would be happy with for about the same price.

With our magical bag of tax loot we're going to get her a longtail and convert the Cannonball with an Xtracycle upgrade. As the days tick away I grow more and more excited about the prospects. We'll not put Gump out to pasture just yet, but having the utility bikes will make our lives interesting in so many ways. To paraphrase a recent twitter post I saw: "Having the longtails will make me want to find reasons to use them."

The kids seem to like the Ute too, and I think Mandy actually likes it, but the size of the thing scares her. I love all 5 feet and 2 inches of her, and I understand her apprehension, but I believe once she takes one for a spin she'll love it.

With birthday money I also picked up three different sock liners for commuting and I found some glove liners. I should have complete digital security next cold snap. Look for some comparative reviews sometime this winter. For you, dear readers, will I brave popsicle toes to get to the bottom of that age old question: which is better - silk, merino wool or polypro sock liners?

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  1. Wish I had lots of extra money, I would buy it for your birthday.