Monday, February 14

Monday Propaganda

I opted to ride this morning when I went out to start my new Hummer and…well, I don’t actually have a new Hummer, so there was really only one option. For you, Dear Readers I any living a life of Hummer-deprivation. It's a good thing though, because there was enough ice lurking about that I may have crashed the ole Humm-dinger. The bike ride was nice, except for the Meteorological Propaganda Fiends inaccurate reporting of the weather. I mean, c'mon, Denver is not so far from Arvada!

"40°F" was displayed at the bottom of my TV screen this morning. I dressed for 40°F. It was a bit nippy on the front stoop as I prepared to push off with the Cannonball. I muscled through the worst of it until my heart rate got up to "Rabbit." On the way up from my resting heart rate to max capacity I looked down and noticed I had forgotten to put on my leg band. Remember all that hoopla about not wearing a cycling costume and wearing my regular work clothes on my commute? Yeah, I did. I realized my mistake just after my newly lubed chain (and I promise, well wiped down afterward!) had "marked" my pantleg. Just adds character, right?

After dodging ice for about fifteen minutes I had a brief visit with Mr. Steve Casey. He again explained why my mode of dress just didn't seem adequate and why there was ice on the ground with temps supposedly so far above freezing. Grrr! Down with the MPFs!!!

The rest of my ride was a bit uneventful. I snapped a few photos of Illinoising Street through CSM campus to share with my beloved readers.

Illinoising Street looking south toward Mines' campus

Top of the hill

Illinoising south of Mines

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