Sunday, February 13

Obstinate Accumulated Precipitation

I like snow when it is falling from the sky, drifted against the front door or piled up deep and fresh awaiting skis, snowshoes, or my stubborn post-holing-edness.

When I stop liking snow is when it starts to get transparent and you can see the grossy, muddy ground or grimy asphalt underneath. I stop liking it when there are huge patches of dry (or sodden) ground interspersed by lumpy, unconsolidated, slushy, icy hunks of thawing snow.

Monday is not looking good. Despite 50s and 60s yesterday and today the thawing just can't happen fast enough. It's going to be a messy ride for sure. Oh well.

I had a great idea for a post, and now I can't remember what it was. For now: remember that smart people ride bikes.

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