Friday, February 11

Ramming Speed Friday: Slushy Side Streets Edition

CGinAKR, I would kill for a blast from your eye-healing lazer! I hardly made it home tonight due to extreme drying of the contact lenses.

Yeah, I continue to have eyewear issues. I started out with the @#$%! motorcycle goggles. I should just throw them out. I stopped just outside of Golden to switch to my wraparound sunglasses because the @#$%! motorcycle goggles were fogged up, but the sun had set. Finally, just past the Wheat Ridge Rec Center my eyes were so dry I was having trouble seeing due to the glare from lights everywhere and the tint from the sunglasses. So I stopped and put on my ski goggles.

Why didn't I just start out with them, you might ask. Egad! I wasn't skiing! I would have looked like a moron. I know, I know...I left myself wide open on that one.

Anyway, I made it home in an hour, which considering the ice and slush lying in wait along my route was a pretty good time. When I ride the OBS on Ramming Speed Fridays I always have Powerman 5000 ringing in my brain. Y'know, it's the pounding music they play in Race Across the Sky 2010 when Levi Leipheimer is blasting across the flats of the Pipeline toward glorious, heroic victory.

Let me dream...

I bombed down Illinois this evening in hopes of seeing the Silver Whale again. I guess Mr. Merry Man had had enough of being inhibited by cycling traffic on the Mines campus. No show. And I was ready to joust with him.

Other than the side streets the conditions were slightly better than wretched. There was still a lot of ice and a lot of meltwater freezing even as I was gliding across it. The side streets were a mess of unreadable and alternately packed snow and slushy pitfalls. I had to laugh as I stopped cold in the middle of 46th and had to walk the bike onto more consolidated snowpack. Haha.

Hoping for better roads on Monday...


  1. First of all, thanks for the shout out! Secondly, LASIK is freaking awesome! I hope you will get it soon; its going to make your life so much easier. Lastly, embrace the ski goggles. I'm still going to wear them in the cold because I don't like tearing up. In the end, we are riding bicycles in the winter and no matter how we're dressed people are going to think we're morons. Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

  2. Great point. Morons. But at least we're part of an exclusive club: the Morons Who Ride in the Snow.