Friday, February 18

Ramming Speed Friday: Three Day Weekend Edition

Do you think the sitting president gets gifts from his friends and family like a birthday or Father's Day on President's Day? I wonder.

I'm going to proclaim it a valid Ramming Speed Friday, but only because none of you were there with me to refute the claim. I should have left a trail of fire behind me, but for whatever reason I didn't feel like I would have been able to ram my way through a flock of Canadian geese, much less the usual suspects.

With three days of leisure and no permit review woes ahead of me I should have flown like their were wings on the Cannonball. Instead the Cannonball fell like a cannonball before rolling along the ground, to burst upon the front stoop.

I speculate that much like my tires I need to be at the proper PSI. I just feel flat.

I was welcomed into the house by the smell of homemade pizza and the sight of Ale-8s sent by our good climbing friend Di Clark back in Kentucky. For those of you not familiar, Ale-8 is a soft drink made in Winchester, Kentucky. It's sort of like ginger ale, but way better.

Anyway, the week is done, and thankfully so. My brain is tired and needs some relief from all this bicycle nonsense. I'm not saying we aren't going to ride tomorrow...because we are. How can we not? The weather is supposed to be sooo nice. Maybe we'll go up in the foothills. There's this place called Black Hawk...

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  1. I had "gourmet" pizza and Sprite. Apparently, the definition of gourmet has changed to mean 'flat and sloppy with only 6 big pepperoni slices on a 12" pie.' Needless to say, I went home hungry.