Tuesday, February 1

Throwing Goose Eggs

My kids always ask "Is there a bike on top?!" as we pull into our driveway. The Great Carport Massacre (of 2010) has instilled in them a great concern for their dad's prolonged sanity. We could get in the car (no bike on top) drive around the block and return to the driveway three minutes later to a chorus of "Is there a bike on top?!" In fact, we often do get in the car, drive around the block and return three minutes later, just so we can fit in with the migratory suburbanite population around us.

So as we enter February I had a big goose egg effort for my 100% bicycle commuting goal for the year. January was so-so. I did ride about 363 miles over January 2010's paltry 120 miles.

I was doing good last month. At the end of the first full week I was 100%. On the 10th I headed out despite snow and cold temps but was thwarted by unplowed bike paths. I got a ride in to work with my boss and then a ride home that evening. Technically I was carpooling, but it was still a mar on my record. No chance at 100% for the year.

The 17th was a holiday and I took sick (mentally) days on the 20th and 28th.

So really, until yesterday I had only one blot. Last morning I had a brief interlude of clear thinking and opted for a ride to work over the prospect of biking over a sheet of ice blanketed by cold, dry snow in frigid temps.

Today I threw the baby out with the bathwater (instantly froze into ice and baby crystals) and I DROVE IN ALONE!!!

My cycling cohorts should hunt me down and beat me senseless. I'll be easy to find in the white '99 Forester with rooftop bike racks, stuck in traffic between Golden and Arvada around 5:45pm tonight. You'll know it's me because I'll be sobbing all over the steering wheel.

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