Tuesday, February 1

Vision and Direction

You might see some new changes here on the Edge of the Pavement soon. I think I want to finally stop using this solely as my online cycling journal/wailing wall and make it into something worthwhile. I want to use it as a focus point and an avenue for my development as a writer.

Please feel free to send some constructive criticism my way at any time. I want to create something of value and usefulness and I don't want to ramble aimless and quell any interest that I might have previously garnered through my rambling. Any input that helps me shave away the useless layers will make this a better place for me and for you.

Having my first driving day of the year, after resolving not to drive, has opened up the floodgates in my mind and has helped me to see the general direction I need to be going.

My one goal that will underpin everything on this site from this point forward is this: by the end of 2011 I will (as an individual) be completely car free.

Unless I'm traveling with my family or others I do not plan on driving a car...for any reason. And with you, my dear reader(s) I will share the solutions to the problems and conundrums that result in the pursuit of a completely car free lifestyle.

It may be at some point that I will need to explore public transportation options. Perhaps I will rediscover the lost art of hitchhiking. Just kidding! But the trials, the tribulations, the (hopefully not) failures and foibles...all will be yours at my expense.

Hopefully I can enable you to reduce your dependence on the automobile, inspire you to greater adventures upon two wheels and give you the courage to take the lane when you need to.

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