Friday, February 4

What Did I Do To Deserve This?

Went to update my new snazzy PavmentsEdge twitter account this morning (was going to tweet: "Time to make the donuts" because I was working early and had to get out the door and on the road by 6am) and I saw that I had a voicemail from my boss. A cheery voice informed me that a water main had broken and the offices would be closed.

I reset the alarm so my wife would not oversleep and then crawled back under the warm covers. An hour later when the alarm went off I gave an elbow to the cause but the cause didn't move. Snooze a couple of times and then a hearty: "Are you going to get up?"

"Mmbble grffle hffble," was the reply.

Since we share a brain I could easily translate. What she projected non-verbally from under the covers amounted to This bed is SO warm!

I trusted her judgment and went back to sleep.

She did make it out the door before her work sent goons to bring her in. I made an appearance with enough time to implore my son to put his belt on, and then went and sat in the car as it idled to warmness (because its not unoccupied if I'm sitting in it).

In a flurry of activity the house was emptied and the car filled. I salmoned back into the warm house against the flood to see about gobbling up some of the banana bread Mandy made last night.

The car was pulling out and I noticed something was amiss. The four year old was standing in the middle of the living room floor wearing a maniacal grin. Spongebob grated from the TV. I wanted to run out into the street shouting: "You forgot one!"

Instead I stumbled on into the kitchen and completely failed to make myself coffee. I'm regretting that failure four hours later.

The Bean and I got along okay until she decided she...well, no, I take that initial statement back, she was hauling toys from her brother's bedroom as fast as she could when I caught her. We didn't get along okay at first. Then the situation de-escalated as I managed my town on Cityville. Yeah, I used to play SimCity and this is just a hopped up version. Since my degree was in Urban & Regional Planning I am qualified.

Anyway, she played like a four year old should for a couple of hours until she decided to put a puzzle together, or rather, get a puzzle out and wail for me to put together. Finally I gave in and when all the pieces were utilized we found that one was MIA. Drama ensued.

Princess Drama Pants collapsed with vapors or something and wailed about how she didn't love her brother anymore because he lost her puzzle piece. I'm pretty sure he didn't. She wailed about how terrible life was without the missing piece. She wailed.

Finally I made coffee. I was desperate. In my desperation I overdid it, much like I overdid my dress on my commutes earlier in the week. Instead of taking my medication black I added some flavored latte stuff I purchased a few weeks ago, thinking it would enhance my coffee drinking experience. I knew better on both counts.

So as we sit at the kitchen table, watching snow softly fall through the double window I type in an effort to ignore the situation developing across the table and Beano paints the kitchen table. Bean wanted to paint. I didn't want to let her because I'm not privy to the craft-type protocols around the house. Finally I gave in because we had previously reached our quota of disagreement during the Puzzle War.

I ignore the remains of my coffee.

"The table gets messy too, like it wants to be painted or something," she just informed me. She's painting lightcycles. Her art transcends the need for paper. Her brother's fascination with all things TRON has rubbed off on her. She really looks up to the little guy.

I'm debating a ride to town. To get to the point of posting all this to my cycling blog...

It's snowing, but it's warmer than it has been. I have a library book ready for pickup. I have a broken YakTrax to try and return (YakTrax! YakTrax!) in town. And I am in desperate need of some industrial strength coffee. La Dolce Vita is calling my name.

"Bean, wanna go for a ride in the trailer?"

"Yeah! To Arvada Olde Town?"

So, off we go.


I got up from the computer and got dressed just in time for Mandy to walk in the door. We delayed our trip to town long enough to eat lunch and then Lily and I headed over to Arvada Surplus to see about exchanging my broken YakTrax. A quick aside, I bought a pair for me and a pair for Mandy last Friday with birthday money. We went hiking on the Beaver Brook Trail from Windy Saddle in Golden and near the end of our four mile trek I discovered that one of the rubber bands had broken.

Anyway, the good folks at Arvada Surplus are willing to exchange them for a new pair, but they'll have to order a pair in my size.

Pulling the trailer on snow is completely different. The weight and resistance are centered differently and it made it hard to take off, especially from a foot-down stop.

Seems like Boone and I are getting sick. not a good way to start out the weekend...

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