Saturday, March 19

3rd 1st Annual Front Range Cyclist Bicycle Show

A quick drive (but long bike ride) down I-25 to the Springs this morning deposited Bob Matter and I at the 3rd 1st Annual Front Range Cyclist Bicycle Show. There's a story behind the "3rd 1st Annual" I'm sure. I'm guessing it's because the second annual show got canceled?

We set up the ACT booth and then waited for the crowds to file in. It was slow, but there were a few people there.

For me it was an opportunity to get to meet some people I have corresponded with via phone and email through the special event process at work. There were a lot of Colorado Springs area shops and organizations and a few Colorado businesses as well as the regional events. There were representatives from the Tour de Cure, the Bailey HUNDO, the Tour of Colorado and ACT shared info on the Denver Century.

My favorite was the Angletech booth. I've never seen a recumbent tandem (or would it be tandem recumbent?).

Angletech has Yuba cargo bikes. I got to ride a couple around, as well as a recumbent trike. If money were no option (money is always obstinate about flowing my direction) I would go out and buy one today.

The smugness factor was low, but spiked at times, particularly when the bamboo bike made a showing. Then there was

I chatted with the ladies at Alchemist Threadworks out of Boulder. They ride their bikes to pick up stock and for meetings and deliveries. They have some nice looking clothes as well: t-shirts and hoodies as well as cycling specific articles that are organic and sustainable. I really do want one of their custom wool jerseys (Team Pavement's Edge across the chest).

I drooled over Tessier Custom Bikes and Victoria Cycles. I'm not a huge fan of custom bikes, but again, its more economics than a real lack of desire for one.

The show was fun, though small in size. I'm looking forward to bigger venues and developing my trade show presence and observation skills. I basically just took it all in and rode a few bikes around. Looking forward to Interbike in the fall...

For me the highlight was the Xtracycle someone rode to the show. I saw it locked up in the bicycle parking area.

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