Saturday, March 12

Back Where It All Began


We took a trip to Denver today. The weather was gorgeous. The bikes were ready. We pedaled. And pedaled. And pedaled. Oh, how I wanted a longtail bike today.

We went with Boone on the towbar with the trailer jouncing behind. Lily rode in the bike seat on Mandy's bike to Auraria campus where Mandy was meeting Bob of Assisted Cycling Tours for a transition fair there. Lily got in the trailer there and the kids and I took a 9 mile (round trip) side trip to our old haunt of Wash Park. That's where the original idea for this blog was conceived.

Originally the blog was titled "Jersey Guys: Adventures in Idiocy." I quickly dropped the subtitle and changed it to "Jersey Guys: Taking the Lane." When I failed to make a writing career out of banging on the roadies and hipsters I changed the name to what it is now.

The kids played on their old favorite playground for a bit. Then we headed back downtown. The ride along the Cherry Creek Trail (CHT) made me realize I am not biased toward motor vehicles. Apparently there are moto-fascists going upon two-wheels (cyclo-fascists?)in the MUPs of America. We were cut off and almost clipped more times than I could count in three miles. Oh well...

We swung by Salvagetti. Scott gave Boone a shirt with his design on it, a water bottle and a $50 gift card for the store. Boone got a bell for his bike and a new pair of bike gloves. Mandy and I got shirts for ourselves. They were out of Lily's size so we're waiting for the next batch for her.

This year in April is Salvagetti's seven year anniversary. Boone's eighth birthday is in April too. These are the seven year shirts.

After visiting for a few minutes we headed out and took the long way home via the South Platte, Clear Creek and Ralston Creek Trails. It was 17 miles from the Confluence area. By the time we got home Mandy had ridden 28+ miles and the kids and I had gone 37. I was running on fumes by the time we returned to Arvada. The four pancakes I'd had for breakfast had been spent along the way and my legs were watery and my brain was crashing hard.

It was a great day. Everyone had a good time. I'm so itching for a longtail right now...the taxes are out, returns will come shortly. By April we'll all be on new longtails!

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