Sunday, March 27

Better Than a Car

Mandy was in baking mode today and the kids asked to go to the park. Of course we took the Ute.

Me, Boone and Lily...

Too bad the Bean is going to keep growing. She won't fit in the bag too much longer. Boone is far too big, or he could ride in one, Bean in the other and Mandy and I taking turns between driver and shotgun.

We rode all the way to a park down along the Ralston Creek Trail and then back home through Olde Town. Even with 30 pounds of pink princess in the bag the bike rode amazingly well. Climbed hills like a dream. We finally got to use the bell for real as we cruised along the path weaving around the pedestrians.

Tomorrow I'm going to haul the Cannonball frame with me to work and then on my lunch or after I'm free for the day I may drop it off to have it powder coated. The cost will be the deciding factor.

Well, the Bean is reminding me we need to run to the store for some eggs. Off again!

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  1. That, sir, is awesome and has already made my day.

    Congrats on the new ride!