Wednesday, March 23

Double Headwind Wednesday

I was magically transported to my cubicle from Kansas/OZ after my last post. I'm writing a scathing letter to the customer service department of the makers of the Ruby Slippers. They shouldn't advertise that "all you have to do it click your heels together and say: 'There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home.'" when in fact the darn slippers don't take you home, but to work.

Oh well.

To add insult to injury I fought an EASTERN headwind all the way home. The wind is starting to wear on me. Literally. My skin feels raw. My eyes have been gritty for two days. Maybe I can add a wind generator to the Xtracycle conversion...

Well, it's all training right? More wind equals more resistance. I'll drop roadies and MTBers all summer with my head start on "the season."

Hopefully tomorrow things will settle down.

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