Monday, March 28

Galoot on a Ute Commute

[Somtime yesterday]

Mandy: If you want to ride the Ute to wor…

Me: Well, I wasn't going to ask, but I had been hoping. If you really don't mind…

Mandy [with slight grin]: No, I don’t mind.

Me [jumping up and down doing the Snoopy dance inside]

I'm really trying to supress the smugness factor, but its so hard. We love the cargo bike. We'll never go back. While I don’t expect my wife to commute with Boone to school next winter, I do see us leaving the car parked more often, much more often. And Boone has taken up that rally cry. Yesterday I had parked the car in the drive and out from under the carport. Boone lined up all the bikes underneath and declared the carport off limits to the car and to be used only for the bikes from now on. The bikeport.

So I tooled through a rain/snow mix to work this morning, hauling the Cannonball's frame, a week's work clothes in the pannier, homemade bagel for breakfast, homemade lasagna for lunch and dinging the Ute's bell just because I was so darn happy we have finally attained longtail nirvana. Try as I may, I couldn’t leave the hippie smugness behind. I was the most superior vehicle on the road this morning. There! I said it.

Bean and I got our first comment about the Ute last night when we ran down to the grocery store for eggs, salt and butter. A couple stopped as I was locking the bike up and getting Bean out of the sidecar bag and said they thought it was a great idea. They asked her if she liked riding in the bag and she nodded enthusiastically. We made it home without breaking an egg or spilling a Bean.

I'm going to call in a little while about getting the Cannonball frame powder coated. I may drop it off for that process this afternoon and that will absolve me of the responsibility to strip, clean and paint it myself. I'll be able to stop stressing about it. If the cost is too high I'll just paint it myself. It can’t look much worse than it looks now.

I need to stop riding her bike, even if she offers. I feel like such a heel! I am the Ute Thief. Of course I'll be able to offer a reliable comparison between the Ute and the Xtracycle in a week or so.

Well, back to the grind. It feels a little more worth it today.


You'll have noticed some changes around the ole Pavement's Edge blog recently. I moved my sidebar items around a little bit. Everything is still there, mayhap just in a different location. No, I didn't sell out. No one has paid me for advertising space. I posted a photo of Salvagetti, Pedal Pushers Cyclery, Xtracycle and Kona, each will take you to a link. PPC and Salvagetti have been really good to us and I want to give them kudos. And I can't say enough good stuff about the Ute and the concept of the Xtracycle. My belief is that if you truly endorse a product then compensation isn't necessary.

Also, check out Mandy's blog: Cute on a Ute for updates on her entrance into the world of cargo bikes.

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