Tuesday, March 1

Marching On

With the change in schedule I went back to my road-intensive commute. The earlier times, both coming and going, result in less traffic and less stress-related weigh gain on my part. The jury is still out on whether I'll go back to riding home on Ridge Road. But the trip west this morning was devoid of moto-fascists; or moto-anything for that matter.

My ninja-like avoidance of traffic over the past two months has been a nice break from the stresses of Ridge Road, Denver West and all of the busy intersections between here and there. I'm sure I'll visit No-Man's Land in the coming months, maybe just for fun, maybe out of frustration at the moto-fascists, maybe in protest of all things petroleum based. Who knows?

That said, I'm in a strangely chipper mood this morning. I'm definitely a morning person. I'd rather get up, get everything done as quickly as possible and then relax. I hate the days where its after 6pm and I'm still going. I'm sure its helping that there is more sun each day than the day before. Spring's coming and I'm oddly happy for that. I usually hate to see winter go. I've gotten my fill this season for sure.

Makes me think I should avoid Ridge Road this afternoon to preserve my good mood.

In related news, I read this article from the Augusta Chronicle which describes (Georgia) HB 180 which is basically a "3 Feet to Pass" law. Colorado has a similar bill, and while I am glad to see the law in effect the main problem is enforcement.

"Hello, I'd like to report a moto-fascist who 'buzzed' me on my bike."

Garble, mumble, garble

"Well, about half a foot."


"Hello? Hello?"

But having the law in place is important anyway.

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