Friday, March 11

Ramming Speed Friday: The Great Escape

I took the long way home. My average speed was 17.8 mph. It would have been faster, except for all the people out walking their lapdogs on 15 foot leashes. I had to keep slowing down to avoid ramming them.

This has been a long week. It started out encased in ice and today it was sunny and 70F. We've been short at work and for some strange reason, even though its March it feels like summer in the ole permit review area.

I won't go into the details. In fact, I don't want to think about it anymore at all. RSF helped a bit, but the frustration of dodging all of the meanderers on the CCT has got my brain buzzing. I need some sweet oblivion. The biscuits and gravy my wife made for dinner has helped somewhat. A vat of carbonated caffeinated soda would soothe a bruised soul. Its strange, I really think dueling with the moto-fascists on Ridge Road would have been less stressful.

Its supposed to be nice tomorrow. It looks like we might be taking a trip to Denver by bike. I might take the kids over to Wash Park. Of course we'll swing by Salvagetti. Who knows what sort of mischief we'll get into?

There's too much bouncing in my brain to try and be coherent. I'm glad the potential protests in Saudi Arabia were quelled, though I think the circumstances point to greater turmoil down the road. Those people are dissatisfied. They're not going to be appeased just by an increase in police presence. The inevitable has only been delayed.

Hopefully the damage from Japan's earthquake has been contained. Its bad enough what has happened so far. Time will tell how this will affect the global economy.

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