Friday, March 4

Ramming Speed Friday: Headwind Edition

Arg! It was a mixed bag today. There was an evil wind out of the north along the base of the foothills across Golden as I left work. It was a struggle to go fast, even on the steep descent to Clear Creek.

Then when I turned east through the mesas I got a reprieve until I was back out in the open plains. Then another headwind hit.

Y'know, a headwind as you're commuting in to work makes you think the universe is out to get you, makes you want to turn it around, go home and call in sick. A headwind on your way home just pisses you off.

I was in a dark mood anyway. I've been reading too much Peak Oil and too many political articles and analyses. On top of that I had a disturbing dream last night. The details are irrelevant, but it put me in a surreal perspective all day. The sky looked fake to me, I felt a bit detached...and then my mind was racing along lines of food stockpiles, methods for procuring safe, clean water and trigger events.

To say I've hit a spiritual headwind wouldn't be too far off the mark. To say I need some relief from serious matters is an understatement.

I did come across some positive aspects of the Peak Oil phenomenon. If you want a ray of light, check out the Transition Movement.

In particular check out Transition US, because a lot of the sites tend to focus on the UK. From Transition US:

"For all those aspects of life that our community needs in order to sustain itself and thrive, how do we significantly increase resilience (in response to peak oil), drastically reduce carbon emissions (in response to climate change) and greatly strengthen our local economy (in response to economic instability)?”

I just discovered this movement and I plan on looking into it a little more. I came across the quote in Confronting Collapse by Michael Ruppert today: "The term 'sustainable growth' is the quintessential oxymoron," and it struck a chord. Through all my planning classes I heard the phrase "smart growth" and the catchall "sustainability." In the hallway at work there is a sign that reads "Governor's 'Smart Growth' Award 1998" but none of our policies really seem to focus on the concept of smart growth. And what exactly does "sustainable mean? Sustainable life? Or sustainable economics? Mr. Ruppert killed the smart/sustainable growth idea for me, or rather he directed me to the kitchen knife and I hacked up the concept myself.

So I found a reference to the transition movement through Ruppert's Collapse Network. I had heard the phrase "transition town" and I think I actually had the correct concept of what that meant from whatever context I first read it in, but now I actually understand it is a movement, and an effort to stave off the effect of our current downward spiral.

If my wife wouldn't stab me with a kitchen knife we'd be packing up for Willits, California right now. Google it.

I need a good recreational bike ride to clear the head...

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