Friday, March 18

Ramming Speed Friday: Pedestrian Death Edition

Okay, I didn't really kill any pedestrians. But not for lack of trying.

I stopped at the credit union on the way through Golden to get some cash for tomorrow and after the detour I just couldn't muster the muster to go really, really fast. That, and there was a headwind from the east.

I cranked on as hard as I could. I felt strong. I forgot to check the time when I got home. It might have been a record commute for all I know. I can't say.

Blazing through the greenbelt in Wheat Ridge I had to dodge slow moving and erratic pedestrians. I was not trying to be a cyclo-facsist, but after a long day and gazillions of phone calls (okay, maybe only billions) I didn't have the patience to muck about, slowing down and biking all safe like.

I tried, I really did, to heed my own advice and not scare the bejeezums out of the pedestrians. And I was in a sort of FLOW mode, carving into turns, weaving between unpredictable bipeds and generally ramming my way home through space and time.

Wednesday was in the 70s, yesterday in the 60s and today started out with snow and ended in the 50s with the sun shining bright. Gotta love spring!

I did verfiy: no bike racks at Pedal Pushers in Golden, but Big Ring does have racks beyond just those provided by the city. In case you were wondering...

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  1. Gotta love Fridays.
    Pedal Pushers, best bike store I have ever been in, good attitudes with good people. They even stock Moots, can't afford them but so nice to see and touch, which only brings out the lust.