Monday, March 21

Ramming Speed...What Day is This?

In an effort to escape Monday I blazed home. "Blazed" is apt, as I cranked through the haze of Golden with a front row saddle for the Indian Gulch Fire. The crazy downslope winds pushed me home, and while that was good for me it's not so good for the citizens of the Golden Gate Canyon area.

Golden proper doesn't seem to be threatened, but over 700 acres have burned and a pre-evacuation notice had gone out on reverse 911 earlier in the day.

As I pedaled across I-70 on Tabor I could also see wisps of smoke from the fire near Bergen Park up in the foothills. Hopefully these are the only two, and hopefully no homes burn. My job could get really "interesting" really quick.

I discovered low PSI before I left work which explained my "funk" this morning. My front tube was at 30 PSI and the rear just under 60. Ugh! So I pumped up some get-go and that also helped with my energetic ride home. Apparently I have a slow leak or two. I was going to pause within the haze at Pedal Pushers and get a few Goo tubes, but I remembered they're closed on Mondays. Boo hoo!

Anyway, tomorrow I'm taking my camera and if the fires are still raging in the foothills I'll provide some visual stimulation for your enjoyment.

Oh! I also passed three roadies as I was headed out of Golden. I was on the OBS and I left their skinny lycra-clad frames behind. And I did it with a backpack full of clothes and bike gear as well as a trunk rack (improv fender) and in my work clothes to boot! They probably had a power bar to split three ways and a tire lever each. I am Jack's smug self-satisfaction.

More roadie dropping updates in the weeks and months to come.

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