Tuesday, March 29

Ute in a Cube

Another pretentious commute under my belt. Of course, all of my commutes are pretentious. While participating as traffic I concurrently critique, scorn and direct traffic.

I discovered that the Ute fits in my cube. So I've brought the smug-tastic pretention into the workplace. But ultimately I did it for the Cannonball X. After the build is complete I would not want to subject it to the indignity of rolling all the way up to my cubicle-domicile only to be denied by the simple laws of physics and real estate. In a week or so I will be able to park the bikes side by side and ascertain the feasibility of fit without risking the remorse of constraint.

It MOSTLY fits

But good enough for government work for sure

Have I mentioned that the Ute reminds me of a WWII era motorcycle with its swept back handlebars, fenders, black finish and leather bags?

Don’t get me wrong! I love the look. It's vintage, right?

Ah, I'm sure you've already asked yourself, and your co-workers reading over your shoulder, the question: "What's this galoot doing still riding his wife's bike?!

I know, I said I was going back to the OBS after yesterday. Slight medical malady thwarted my commuting preparations last night. I believe it was simply dehydration when my vision went wonky and it felt like my head was sheathed in a clear plastic bucket around 8:30pm last night. Needless to say, I didn’t get the OBS ready for the morning commute. My lovely wife took care of me and even made my coffee for this morning. I couldn’t ask her to do all the bike and gear prep I needed. In fact, I wasn't sure I would pedaling anywhere this morning. Thankfully the worst of the effects had subsided and I got here okay. I've felt increasingly better as the day has wore on. At noon I'm finally able to look at a compute screen without almost passing out. That's a plus.

I've got an appointment with those people who take a huge amounts of our money every month and spend it on hiring "scheduling specialists" instead of letting me talk to a real, live medical professional. Hopefully a complete lack of diagnosis will cost me thousands of dollars.

THIS JUST IN: Mandy referred me to the term ocular migraine via Google. I believe she has landed squarely on the target. The graphic shows a monochrome representation of what I saw before I started to lose clarity.

I'm going to head out early today and give my eyes a rest from this modern lifestyle. I'm still going to go to the medical mall that is Kaiser Permanente.

Cranking on…

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  1. Is the ocular migraine from to much Ute gooking? May the sun be above you and the wind at your back, for the ride home, good luck, our prayers are with you for clear vision.