Monday, March 7

Woe to the Sheeple!

Did you know that once there is a coating of ice over wool the garment is essentially wind- and waterproof? Amazing!

Today was the first day ever as a bike commuter that I walked a significant distance. The low-slung clouds I could see as I pedaled west on Ridge Road became freezing fog after I had climbed into them in Golden. Illinoising was a sheet of ice. I walked up the sidewalk, feet on the ice/snow covered grass along the edge and a hand firmly on the saddle and one on the stem. Then I had to walk up the long hill along Highway 6 using the same tactics. I only fell once, and that was early on, as I made a sharp turn on the CCT. I discovered very quickly that keeping perfect posture is key on solid ice.

Oh! And I also logged my first fixed gear commute today to. No, I didn’t convert the Cannonball to a hipster machine. My front and rear derailers froze in place. The rear was in the optimal middle position. Unfortunately my front derailer locked up on the big ring (what was I thinking!) and it was mainly because of that fact that I had to walk the hills. I stopped once and tried to bully the hanger over but it wouldn't budge. Locked solid, like a caveman in a glacial ice.

I opted not to travel (travail) through Applewood and Denver West. The few cars (moto-fascists) I had the pleasure of encountering on my jaunt along Ridge Rd and Tabor acted like there was NO ICE on the roads. Idiots. I decided I wanted to maximize my chance of survival, so I stayed off the roads for the most part after that.

The ride home is going to be fun. I think the snow has started in earnest since I got to work. There's nothing like a coating of snow on a sheet of ice to make you feel silly slamming your 4WD SUV into a telephone pole.


  1. Driving up Grandview today, we were going slow and couldn't stop at the light at Wads. The car behind us didn't get the memo that there was ice and almost rear ended us. Luckily there was empty on street parking for them to slide toward. The really kicker was the car behind THEM thought they were parking or sightseeing or taking a nap and whipped around them. It could have been ugly. Morons.

  2. There was a ton of ice here too. The temps are slowing creeping up, though, so I think we may be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.