Friday, March 25

Year of the Longtails: Brute on a Ute

...and Ramming Speed Friday: Quest for a Ute Edition

Checked the bank account this morning, tax return had been posted, begged off work early, blazed home on the OBS.

And then we headed east to Salvagetti. I've ordered the Xtracycle stuff, new fork and disc brakes. Got a bottom bracket tool for the Cannonball, got the old fork loose and will get the stuff for painting over the weekend. I've got about a week from today to get the frame painted, then next weekend will be Build Time.

As soon as we got in the store at Salvagetti they got Mandy set up for a test ride on the Kona Ute. She cranked out toward downtown Denver, crossed the river, circled Commons Park and returned to the store a Longtail Captain.

Back home we got the front fender and wheel back on (no quick release) and away she went.

Then we took turns riding up and down our street. The kids both took a spin. It was so much fun riding that bike. There is part of me that would get a Ute in a heartbeat over the Xtracycle. But I think I'm gonna love my Cannonball X.

Brute on a Ute

We decided a trip to Olde Town was in order so we loaded up the kids. Because we haven't worked out a seat for Lily yet I rode the Ute with Boone on deck and Mandy rode her Giant with Lily in the child seat. I'm going to work out a Bean seat really soon.

The bike rides so well. Mandy is so excited and loves the bike more than we expected. She said she never wants to drive again.

I felt bad riding over to Olde Town on it. I'll admit I'm a tad jealous because she got her bike first, but I'm really happy for her too. This bike is going to work out great for her.

Oh! As we were riding giddily up and down the street one of our neighbors asked if we wanted a bike trailer. Turns out she had bought a child trailer for her daughter, but before she could give it to her the daughter had gone and bought one. It's dirty and needs new tires and tubes, but it looks like a nice one-kid trailer.

In the morning Boone and I are going to run down to Englewood to check out Trips for Kids Denver's used bike sale and see if we can pick up some gears for him. Then ACT has a family clinic and we're going to help out with that, then a birthday party for a little guy we know. Busy day ahead, and full of bike related silliness.

Thanks to the guys at Salvagetti for hooking us up and helping us out. Kudos to Kona for making an excellent product, and continued love for Xtracycle for the longtail to come.

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  1. It's hard not to enjoy a new bike. I've got to admit we've ALL been enjoying the bike. But it really is almost like we've gotten a new family car. We've had three on the bike. We've got to try four really soon.