Wednesday, March 16

Year of the Longtails: Making Room

This afternoon we cleaned out our carport shed and rearranged to make room for the longtails to come.

A quick note on our setup: we bought the house in July. Its a '50s era ranch of about 950 sq ft. There is a small shed in the backyard that was built as a playhouse and really isn't big enough to swing a cat around by the tail inside. I've not tried. I don't really like cats so we don't have one available to use as a test pilot. Might have to try one of the crazed squirrels soon.

Anyway, the carport shed is basically a shallow closet on one side of the carport with a wider section at the end opposite the street. I've had trouble storing the OBS in it. I actually have to take the front wheel off and turn the handlebars sideways to get it to fit at all.

I had considered building a bike garage at one end, but my appropriations committee doesn't really like that idea, so we're going to work with what we've got.

The skis and some other random junk ended up in the playhouse shed and the carport shed is all cleaned out with a wall between the wider and narrower sections removed so at least one bike can just roll in and out without having to be hung up. I'm stoked because that will make life easy with the longer bikes.

I also want to put up a bike rack somewhere outside so we can just lock them up good when we're going to be around but may need the bikes on short notice...say for example: APOCALYPSE!

We're short on storage and there's not much room inside for stowing bikes, but we'll do okay. The problem is going to be when the kids need full sized bikes. I think we may need a proper shed in the future.

Okay, now back to Xtracycle porn.


  1. I'm lobbying for a shed as well. We have four bikes now and hope to add a fifth to the collection soon. The basement isn't very large and our garage is just big enough for the cars so I have to stash the bikes wherever they will fit. Sometimes that is the living room.

    Can't wait to see how the Xtracycle works out!

  2. I usually have one bike propped against the back of the couch. Back in the winter I parked the Cannonball on an old towel to catch the slush and muck but I had to be careful not to make a huge mess.

    I shed would be nice. A heated garage would be exquisite, but we don't have the means or the room.

    I wish we had room for one of those two bike wall stands marketed for apartment dwellers. We have so little wall space we haven't been able to hang all of our pictures.

  3. Its amazing how something that's not very large can be so difficult to store. Our garage is ancient and doesn't have any electric. If we don't go with the shed, I hope we can extend the garage towards the back of the property when we either knock the old one down or redo it.

    For now, I'm hauling the bikes up and down the basement steps. Such a pain.

  4. At least we don't have to deal with stairs! Our last place was a 2br apartment with white carpet. When it was nasty out I had to carry the bike up to the second floor and then rush into the apartment, across the living room and out onto the deck without getting road sludge on the carpet. It was fun after a commute in suburban traffic.