Thursday, March 24

Year of the Longtails: Nailbiter's Lament

The anticipation is killing me. Tomorrow (FINGERS CROSSED!!!) the tax return will be posted and the order will go out for the ClassicCargo kit.

I've been gnawing my fingernails all week. The Cannonball needs to be painted! How will I get it painted? I'll paint it myself! Where can I get the stuff? What if I do a bad job? What about the bottom bracket? What about installing disc brakes? What if I screw it all up!?

And then there is the Quest for a Ute. Mandy found TWO on craigslist for $750. One was a really nice looking 2007 which is now gone and the other is a 2010 that's been on there most of the week. She sent an email on the remaining one but hasn't heard back yet.

$750 would save us $450 over a brand new one from Salvagetti. We'll go with the used one if we can as long as its the smaller size. Even if we had to buy new bags for it or something, the savings would be worth it.

So I have a little more research to do on the painting, but we hiked down to Auto Zone and found Aircraft Paint Stripper (DO NOT USE ON AIRCRAFT!) and a wide selection of automotive paints. Confidence is swelling in that department.

Even after tomorrow I'm thinking it may be a couple of weeks before I'll be captain of my own longtail bike. Mandy will be swinging the tiller on hers way before I.

The weather has been crazy and I'm keeping fingers crossed and praying diligently that spring snow or rain will hold off until I get the Cannonball frankensteined back together.

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day.

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  1. I'm confident between the two of us, it will be a rockin' paint job. Pretty sure we'll have to go into the bike painting business afterwards.