Saturday, March 26

Year of the Longtails: Resolute on the Ute

Yeah, that was a good idea.

We've put the Ute through its paces since we got it, and it performs wonderfully.

Last night we all rode down to Olde Town for dinner at Ophelia's Restaurant. A) Ophelia's rocks! B) The Ute rocks even more!

This morning I took Boone down to Englewood to Trips for Kids Denver's annual bike sale. We found a nice six speed Trek Mt 60 (kid) mountain bike and a cool pink princess Trek for the Bean. So it was our second New Bike Day in a row.

Again, TFK has been a great place to get a good bike for the kids. Two years ago we bought Boone's 20" Giant BMX bike for $10. The bike we bought him today we paid $60 for. And the money goes to TFK which is a great program. They get underprivileged and inner city kids out mountain biking.

Well, after we got back home Boone and I jumped on the Ute and Mandy and Bean climbed on Mandy's Giant and we cruised over to the ACT offices for the Family Bike Clinic. We had 10 families show up and we got almost everyone out on a bike for at least a few minutes. There were 31 people there total and it was a lot of fun. We spent awhile getting the tandems lined out and ready to ride, and then we worked to get everyone fitted on the bikes.

After the clinic was over our clan cut over to the Van Bibber Creek Trail and pedaled east to Chuck E. Cheese for Little Glen's birthday party. By the time we got there we were really getting warmed up to ride.

From Mr. Cheese's it was short pedal home. Mandy took off by herself to go get a haircut and finally got to put a few good miles on the Ute herself. Now we're relaxing to the smell of homemade pizza cooking.

The Ute was a great idea we should have had ages ago. Once we get the Xtracycle up and running we're going to really rock on the bikes.

Mandy suggested we have "No Car Weekends" frequently in the future. I agree. I think whether we plan them or not, we're going to start having a lot of "No Car" days and weekends.

The kids love the Ute too. And we haven't even added a seat and stoker bar. Seeing the tandem stoker bars made me realize that we need a couple of those stems for both of our longtails. It's really amazing, the Ute is really like a new family car. Earlier Mandy asked if I wanted to take it down to the store to pick up some stuff for dinner. Even though its her bike, it's really like a family bike.

Wow, today was just satisfying and a whole lot of fun. I'm convinced the cargo bikes are a good idea.

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