Sunday, March 20

Year of the Longtails: Tearing Down So We Can Build Up

I feel productive, even though I spent the afternoon stripping the Cannonball down to a bare frame.

It's ready for the Xtracycle conversion. I'm wrestling with the prospect of getting the Cannonball and the Xtra frame painted before I put it all back together. I could get it done for a couple of hundred dollars, but on the other hand I could save a couple of hundred dollars by not getting it painted. It needs it.

So now that we're down to a frame, fork and front derailer (the only thing still attached) I am ready to put on the extension, new fork, disc brakes and then stick on the stem, drop bars and shifter/brake levers from the Giant (RIP). I've taken apart the crank arms and cassette and cleaned them really well. The cassette will go on a new set of wheels with disc brakes eventually.

I've already made a stoker bar from spare parts. It will attach to the seatpost for either adult or child passengers.

Everything else is accessory and unnecessary for the most part. I want a new saddle, but can make do with the one I have for now. I will need to do some work to my bottom bracket, but that should be relatively minor.

The only big decision left to make is to paint or not to paint. I think it needs it, but I don't want to drop the money. Of course, since I've decided to do the build myself, instead of paying the bike shop to do it, I will save a little money.

I've got until the end of the week to get it done. We won't have the money for the xtra until Friday at least.

On a related note: Mandy has found two Kona Utes on craigslist, each for $750. There is the remote possibility that if they're both still available when the fundage breaks free we may have matching vehicles once again.

More to come...


A quick thought...I may try to paint it myself.

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  1. Good to know! Really all I'm lacking at present is the confidence to make the leap. Worst case it looks bad and I get a professional to redo it down the road. Of course, it looks bad now, so I really don't have much to lose.