Sunday, April 10

A Smugtastic Adventure: A Tale of Two Longtails on a Trip to the Organic Market

Ah! My inner hippie is groaning with happiness. After revisiting my shifter this afternoon I discovered that I had improperly loaded the shift cable into the lever and once I rethreaded it I was in business. Still having issues with getting the front derailer adjusted and the rear is giving me some trouble too. I think it's time to cash in my free tune-up at Golden Bike Shop for winning the Movetober Challenge.

I rode it around the block and up and down the street a bit, but for the full monty maiden voyage we struck out with the Bean for Sunflower Market up at 80th and Wadsworth. Bean hung on despite the wind for the 4.5 miles up there.

Happy little test ride down the street

We got our hippie fuel, loaded it all up in the FreeLoaders and cruised back home, losing the 200 feet of elevation we had gained getting there. Bean rode in the Ute with Mandy on the way home. She fell asleep and her little be-helmeted head was hanging oddly out of the bag. She looks like a pink and yellow version of Rick Moranis in Spaceballs anyway.

We returned home successful and happy. It was a good inaugural adventure for the Cannonball X and Kona Lisa.

Next time we'll take Boone too (he stayed on the street to play with his friend Gabe). It was probably a good thing we didn't take him on that trip.

Mandy's been baking and cooking since we got home. We're both whipped. I did run out on a little ride around Arvada and then finally back out to the grocery to pick up some more flour for Mandy to finish up her baking.

It's been a good day. My stress-related weight gain has fallen off and I've "de-ballooned" back to my Biggest Loser-esqu physique.

Off to bed so I can be rested up for my first commute on the smugtastic new Cannonball, version 4.0, the X.

It's a proper bike, complete with fender

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