Friday, April 29

Biking To and Fro: No Ramming Speed Friday

Mental health day of convenience, so no work related Ramming Speed Friday today, but...but, Dear Readers, we'll be heading up to Westminster to pick Boone up after school this afternoon so I'll still hit my 500 mile goal for the month.

Yesterday I blazed home even as Mandy was riding back from school with both kids on the Ute. She did awesome navigating her way up through Arvada and into Westminster on her own. We've ridden the route once as a family and I texted directions before she left. Despite a couple of minor setbacks she made it to school and back fine. I really cranked hard to get back to Arvada after work and headed north to meet them so I could take one of the kids but as I met her on Pierce on the easy side of 72nd she was pedaling along with a smile on her face. She made the comment that soon even Thistle Gin would be jealous of her.

We stopped at McIlvoy Park in Olde Town to let the kids play and then cruised over to the library. I had requested “Race Across the Sky” a while back and it finally came in. I also snagged some gardening books and the kids got some books as well.

Having previously watched “Race Across the Sky 2010” I have to say the 2010 film was better all around, but the 2009 film is compelling because it showcases Lance Armstrong's win after his second place finish in 2008 behind Leadville 100 star Dave Weins. Its also interesting because our friends Steve and Jill Kaufmann show up in the film twice. They were race volunteers that day. And we were camping with a church group at Turquoise Lake that day, so the weather patterns the racers faced are familiar to us.

I'm looking forward to volunteering in this year's race and hopefully riding in the 2012 Leadville 100. Lance, look out!

Our temps are going to be in the 70s today. Spring has sprung? We'll see. I ran out to grab some Santiago's burritos for breakfast and encountered another cyclist in the way home. He marveled at the Xtracycle as we rode along Garrison. We talked about the good weather and then parted ways wishing each other a good day. So far it has been.

Bean and I ran to Golden this morning to do an errand. We fought a mean headwind all the way to Golden and rode a runaway train all the way back. Once back in Arvada we sat down for a nanosecond and then headed out with Mandy north toward Westminster to pick Boone up at school.

We were most of the way there and a cold front blew through. The sky to the west was dark and the wind picked up and had a chill edge to it.

“I hope it doesn't rain!” I called over the wind. Mandy nodded in agreement.

We pushed on and finally made it to school. I unlocked Boone's bike. We had dropped his bike off this morning when we dropped him off. Now we had three bikes and a 9 mile trip south back home.

Boone changed into his jersey and bike shorts and we were off. The wind had died down while we were inside, but the backdrop to our ride home was angry skies that promised rain and what looked like snow in the mountains.

We made it home safe and dry by way of Sunflower. The smells of taco stuff is causing me to salivate. I've ridden at least 36 miles today and I've only eaten a breakfast burrito and a couple of handfuls of chocolate covered peanuts out front of Sunflower. But the cooking smells tell me the detour to the store was worth it.

Time to eat!

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