Saturday, April 16

But Why Would We Want To?

Warmer weather has increased the enjoyability of family rides. We rode to Golden and back with the kids this morning. It was about 18 miles round trip. Boone wanted to ride his bike but we vetoed that so we could make the trip in a reasonable amount of time.

Its been nice today. Since we've been home we've had all the windows open and its really starting to feel like spring.

This afternoon Bean and I ran down to the hardware store for a couple things to work on the shed and then when we got back Mandy asked what we wanted for dinner. That questions prompted a family ride back down to the grocery store. Bean and I rode about 21 miles total today.

To increase her comfort and safety on the Ute I "modified" the child seat we've had on Mandy's roadbike to fit. I thought I was going to have to get some hardware to make it work but it turns out with some...trimming and a couple of cargo straps we got it on nice and solid. I'm pretty sure we voided the warranty and have broken all kinds of safety laws, but it works really well. The test run was the ride to the grocery store.

Now I just need to craft a backrest for Boone on the Cannonball.

We were cruising back from the grocery store, riding side by side and I said, "If we attached the bikes together we'd have a car." And then the thought popped in my head: But why would we want to?

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