Monday, April 11

Cane Creek

The Xtracycle is making an impression. Our neighbor across the street owns and operates a carpet business. One of his employees came over to admire the Cannonball while Lily and I were making some adjustments.

He asked if it would fit on a bus bike rack. I told him I didn't think it would. Then we chatted about how riding will boost your metabolism and how riding just makes you feel better in general. Every few moments he would look back under the FreeLoaders or peek at the longer chain. I think he wants one.

I "improved" the rear shifting. Geez, sometimes I can really dial in brakes and shifters, but this go 'round I've had all kinds of trouble. I can't make any headway with the front derailer. It'll ride in the middle ring and that gets me to and from work. So until I can get it into the Golden Bike Shop for my free tune-up I'll make do.

The guys at Pedal Pushers put a Cane Creek headset on the bike on Saturday. It's ironic, we lived on Cane Creek in Kentucky when I was a small child and mom rode around the backroads of Powell County with me in the bike seat.

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