Friday, April 8

Cargo Speed Friday: Better Than a New Bike Edition

Okay, while I cruised on home after picking up the Cannonball frame, I didn't crush every curb and straighten every curve. I showed some (a little) restraint.

The frame is so...pretty...I didn't want to take a chance in marring the amazing finish.

It's an amazingly brilliant...color. Everyone in the Pavement's Edge household is just in love with the color. I'm really happy with the outcome. I've got to give props to the folks at Powder Coating Specialties in Golden. And thanks to Pedal Pushers for recommending them!

I wasn't going to show it off until I had a complete bike, but I can't contain myself. Here it is:


Anyway, still waiting (semi-patiently) for the Xtracycle stuff. The fork and disc brakes are already at Salvagetti. Its not looking like a weekend build as of today. I guess there is the chance that they're busy and that's why they haven't gotten back to me or that they get late deliveries. Keeping my fingers crossed!

We've got an eight year birthday party tonight. So even if I get the email saying the stuff is in I'm not going to be able to do much tonight. We might make a trek to Denver tomorrow if nothing else. We need to get Kona Lisa's brake lever fixed anyway.

I look at the freshly powder coated frame and I think this rebuild is going to be better than getting a NEW bike. I've had this one since the mid '90s and its been through a lot with me. It has been my only mode of personal transportation more than once in my life.

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